Teenage pair of plaid-skirted classmates asked what they do after school: “Sex” is their answer and a sordid schoolgirl soiree follows

Ok, if you liked last week’s episode with naughty little schoolgirl Sally in her uniform getting naughty in an open field, (which many of you seem to), then you’re gonna love this weeks installment. Before I even begin to explain what happened, I wanna offer up some public-service-advice: When you’re masturbating in front of your computer (and masturbate you will!), and you blow your load into whatever you use to catch it, be extra careful not to get even one drop on your right hand—especially the index finger—as you’re wiping away the remaining snotty drippage from your pecker.

Reason? When you return your hand to your mouse—as you will undoubtedly do—and you have even one tiny little drop of semen on your finger, it can really cause some unpleasantness. Do you know how hard it is to clean sticky traces of semen off a computer mouse? If you’ve been a member here more than a week, I’m sure you do. If you’re new here, you’re about to learn. Keep plenty of tissues and sanitizer close by, newbie.

Now, back to the episode:

Firstly, why the Xmas music at the beginning you ask? Well, we here at Trike Patrol always like to be a step or two ahead of things you see. It’s in our hunter’s nature. And if you know anything about the Philippines, you know that Xmas music begins here, ridiculously, around August (no shit). So, this being June, we got a head start on even the earliest holiday tunes you’ll hear at the SM or Robinson’s. When you do finally hear that absurdly early Xmas music in the PI this year in a few months, you can fondly remember where you heard it first in 2012.

Anyone who grew up watching TV as a kid, no doubt recalls that endearing show with a pleasant old man in a sweater, in a happy little neighborhood and his friendly little red toy trolly. Since I already met Sally last week, I didn’t need to go out on an extended Trike Patrol, so I got a little creative with a toy I bought at the airport, and filmed a delightful little “Trike Patrol in miniature”, stopping at the cute little feet of two mischievous young schoolgirls who came to see me, Sally, with her even tinier friend, Nica. Won’t you be mine, won’t you be mine, won’t you be…….My Schoolgirls! It was looking like a beautiful day in my little Trike neighborhood, guys. A beautiful day for two schoolgirls like these!

When I asked Nica what they like to do after schooldays most times, she quickly answered, “Sex”, with a devilish grin on her cute smiling face. Well, that was all I needed to hear! Within moments, I had both of them unbuttoning their white blouses and showing me their soft nubile breasts. Then, I asked if they could kiss each other, which at first, they were hesitant to do. Hey, it’s ok to get gay girls, Barry-O even said it is.

Once they let go and started, it was a glorious thing to witness, the young, unbridled love between two girls in schoolgirl uniforms. Is there anything better?

Let me answer that: Yes, there damn sure is! It’s two young Filipina girls in schoolgirl uniforms kissing and licking each other, while also sucking my cock! There was more kissing and more pussy-rubbing, and then it was Nica tuning up Sally’s snapper with her mouth, to preparedly make way for my pulsating-beyond-belief-at-this-point penis.

While I fucked one, the other would rub her pussy and/or lick and kiss all over my body, also kissing and caressing the other girl. I was in a special place right there; what felt like a prolonged orgasmic nirvana experience. It was sensational! I finished the whole thing up by banging Nica from behind to her moans of “Oh fuck…Oh fuck” and with Sally sitting beside her, rubbing her own clit, until I finally withdrew from Nica’s snug snatch and yanked my creamy load out all over their two mouths as they were kissing each other. Dual-schoolgirl fantasy complete I would say.

Remember what I said about keeping your sweaty digits free of nut-residue after you watch this; that extended warranty you bought with your computer doesn’t cover jizz-jam damage!

See you next week. Same Trike time, same Trike channel.

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