Trike Patrol guy celebrates reunion with friend by giving her a hot facial

It’s Trike Patrol time once again, and our friend King Baliw is back in the PI again searching for more willing puki just waiting to be fucked and given a hot facial. What he didn’t expect, was to run into a familiar fuck, er…face, from FIVE whole years ago! On a rainy Pampangan afternoon, he was out at a local shopping center when he spotted a super cute girl standing around waiting. He moved in for the kill and started talking, and just when things started to look promising, another girl appears out of nowhere, excitedly accosting him. Well, it was none other than Nikka, from a patrol he did no less than FIVE years ago. The other girl, as it happens, was her cousin, and I’ll tell you up-front that KB fully intends to get her another time. Perhaps a hot facial is in order?

Now, the funny thing is, while Nikka was cute enough back then in 2010, she looked even BETTER now! Something about her just looked more attractive. Maybe some maturity and confidence, who knows. She was all too eager to rekindle her friendship with the King & his noble trouser stallion, so she urged him to take her back to his hotel; probably the easiest pick-up in the history of Trike Patrol this one. Once inside and under the lights, the sparkle in Nikka’s eye was unmistakeable, and you could tell she was really yearning for a famous KB boning session ending in a hot facial. She told us a little about what she’s been up to—mostly popping our kids as most Pinays do—and eventually got to taking off her clothes piece by piece.

She definitely learned how to suck cock better in 5 years, as her skilled treatment of the King’s lance clearly showed. Her body, still quite spinner-like despite all the birthing, looked none the worse for wear aside from the c-section scar. She rode up and down on the bony pony like a wild animal in heat, and you could tell she hadn’t had something of such girth pass through her love chunnel since the last time. 25 years old, 3 babies and still tighter than a local young skank you might take home from your nearby pub back home who would never let you give a hot facial. Only in the Philippines!

KB slammed her sexy skinny body good all over the bed, giving us plenty of Filipina fap-material and then some. Being a man of honour, he made sure to pull out early and spew his liquid ecstasy all over her pretty face and nose, with a little in the eye socket for good measure. Only a commoner would risk inseminating such a girl with 3 little mouths to feed already and KB is a King, after all. While Nikka’s momentarily defiled face was maybe only half-smiling on the outside, her 3x distended uterus was undoubtedly thankful on the inside! Remember boys, when mongering w/ MILFs in developing countries, show some consideration and give them a hot facial instead please.

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