Sex Trump’s hardball diplomacy in a WILD Trike Patrol Inauguration Special!

Regardless of your feelings on the matter, the turnover of the most powerful seat in the Free World signifies change and the ever-flowing sands of time. What would Trike Patrol be if we didn’t acknowledge this momentous occasion with a special Inauguration-themed episode? Now I know we all like to keep our scenes here as raw and unscripted as possible—there is plenty of terrible acting & overproduction in porn already—but this one had to be done once we saw the room we managed to secure.

It’s a rather well-done (especially for the Philippines) replica of the United States’ Presidential Oval Office inside a modestly priced Manila hotel which will remain unnamed. Properly shaped like an Oval and complete with the President’s Desk and flags, the idea of a Trike Patrol Inauguration special was just too tempting to pass up. So while King Baliw did happen upon a new hottie named Patricia, and we join the encounter on his trike ride to the hotel with her, the rest of this episode is, in case it wasn’t obvious, a set-up.

Patricia is a sultry 26-year old with a fabulous smile and flirty personality, but she won’t win any Golden Globes anytime soon for her acting. Nevertheless, it’s comic relief to see what KB and his cute little helper came up with and I dare say it’s one of the most original and hilarious Trike Patrol episodes to date. Patricia pretends to be an ambassador from the Philippines visiting the White House to inform President Baliw that her nation will not be bullied because they are now a “Duterte Nation!”

President Baliw, with cigarette and liquor at his side, shows the pretty young Filipina ambassador how Americans negotiate treaties with friends. Let’s just say it’s not the first time someone got down on their knees behind that desk. All that was missing was the blue dress and a cigar! Despite the cheesy set-up intro, what happens from this point on is all raw horny goodness of the highest calibre.

Patricia is a total sex kitten and knows how to look into the camera perfectly. After sucking the Presidential shaft, she gets an oral lesson in diplomacy herself as she lays back atop the Oval Office desk. Writhing in pleasure as The King of the Free World laps away at her pussy, Patricia lets out unbridled moans which we don’t often here from the more naturally reserved amateur Filipinas.

But that was only the start. Once inside the Lincoln Bedroom, this one-of-a-kind Trike Patrol scene gets even better as it goes with just how hot and bothered this gal gets once a sizable white penis is in her. King gave this arrogant ambassador a fucking of Presidential proportions and the limp she’ll walk away with should remind her just how “bigly” she got banged. That is not to say she didn’t enjoy every minute of it, as evidenced by her uncontrollable moans audible all the way in the West Wing.

For God and Country, President Baliw screwed this sexy Pinay babe every which way imaginable, surely winning both her heart and mind along the way. The only way to top off a scene this freakin’ yuuuuge is with a spacktical nuke delivered to the opponent’s maxillofacial region. This scene has so much winning it’s not even funny. If this is just a precursor to how the future looks around here, I’d say we’re well on our way to Making Trike Patrol Great Again in 2017!

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