Lovely shaved Asian teen w/ braces fucked by white man after street meeting

Let me tell you this: when you’re a gwapo (handsome) foreigner in the Philippines w/ a sizable cock that stays hard, word gets around amongst hot shaved Asian teens. With the ever-present population of old flaccid white penises here, these vivacious young LBFMs really appreciate a stiff member that can put a smile on their face (if not a limp in their walk).

King Baliw knows exactly what I’m talking about. As you’ll notice on his recent Saturday night on the town, several familiar faces jumped out at him in the neon-lit Manila nightlife. It was none other than Dolly and Sora, from a few fucks ago, but they had a cute braces-wearing friend named Sheena, a shaved Asian teen, with them also.

They undoubtedly whispered into her ear about the weaponry KB was packing, and this 19 year old cutie friend of theirs was none too hesitant about hopping in a trike with him.

Once back at his hotel the camera resumed recording and what it saw was an eager young Filipina who chugged down cock like a grizzled vet. It also captured how deliciously shaved her smooth puki was, which The King spread nice & wide for us before stuffing. There’s no Asian teen like a shaved asian teen!

And stuff he did, from just about every position imaginable. The only thing more impressive amongst the gals than his thick cock, was his legendary loads. When KB finishes, it’s like a spurting hot white geyser eruption, and he did not disappoint this shaved Asian teen when it was time to douse the well-fucked Sheena in his famous end-product!

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