Wild tattooed spinner partakes in raucous late-night sex romp in downtown hotel highrise

As much as I love this dusty little town up here, I decided to run down to the City on Saturday night for a change of pace. There’s just something about the bright lights of a big City that can inspire you. Maybe it’s an overall sense of “opportunity” in the air. In my case, it was the opportunity to find myself in a meat market of hot-2-trot Filipina pussy. And with any luck, hopefully a tattooed spinner as that is my current preference these days. The night started with dinner at a Baywalk restaurant, catching the many maganda smiling faces passing by as I ate. That was just a warm-up for later because my next stop was Seaside Café. This place has been re-named a few times now, but it’s basically one-stop shopping for guys like us. No Trike necessary.

I went upstairs and was immediately swarmed by a few eager and not-so-great looking girls. Those are the real hustlers just trying to make a quick peso and I almost never take them up on their offerings; not my style. I like to sit for little while, wait things out and get a feel for what’s available in my surroundings that particular night. On the other side of the bar, I noticed a real bad-ass looking girl. A perfectly wild-looking tattooed spinner in a pink top making steady eyes at me. She had this real serious, I-wanna-fuck-your-brains-out look to her, which got me really excited and fired up so I waved her over. Yep, just as I thought, this girl was a no-nonsense type. Within a few minutes of get-to-know-ya stuff and half a San-Mig Light, we were out the front door and into a cab back to the hotel.

Her name was Roseanne, and while she said she was 26, her body was tight and toned like an even younger girl. Not long after we got to the room, clothes started coming off and it was plain to see this girl was a Grade-A Freak. Little black t-back, tattoos and overt sexuality just oozing out of her. Sometimes you pick-up a girl and you get the sense that the only thing on her mind is how fast she can fuck you, get some cash and head out to the mall to spend it on something. Not Roseanne here. It was quite obvious that the number one thing on her mind was in my pants. You hear guys joke about a girl sometimes saying “She LOVES the cock!” Well Roseanne really does. Watch and see this wild tattooed spinner in action!

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