Claudia: Tommys Stalker

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Hey fellas, Tommy here. This week’s girl is a bit of a stalker. You see, on my very first night in town, I wanted to go out and roam around before hitting the hay; but ended up not making it more than 2 steps outside the hotel before I met Claudia. She walked up to me right as I stepped outside the main lobby.. Her mission? “Hey guapo, you make me horny and I wanna fuck you!”.

Now, I’ve heard stories, upon stories… upon stories about guys who’ve gotten scammed in this particular fashion, and didn’t want to find myself a victin of their dubious schemes… but after 3 or 4 days of her waiting for me outside the hotel, I finally gave in and brought this hottie back to the room. Seems she really did want to fuck, and fuck we did!

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