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As we like to say around here, Filipina pussy has no borders and no Filipina pussy is safe when we’re out on the prowl. That includes the grand ol’ US of A. We did a patrol in Cali a few weeks ago if you recall, snaring the sexy Mena Li. Now, that one went over with mixed results, but a lot of comments were positive. For many Filipina lovers, seeing a Filipina anywhere is a welcome sight, even if she’s an American raised one. This week, we encountered a Pinay somewhere in middle America, who was trying to catch her flight back to the PI. Turns out it got delayed and she was stuck without a place to crash. A couple friends who are newbies in the game of Filipina cunt-crushing, were kind enough to offer this gal Lidia a room for the night….but it came with a price.

Just like with our trikes in the PI, where “nobody rides for free”, nobody STAYS for free either, and our one young friend Rob, had the privilege of bedding down with Lidia in front of the cam. Like Mena Li, this petite Westernized Pinay was a lot more uninhibited in the sack than her cousins back home, and allowed herself to show her passion outwardly and often. You gotta love some the faces she makes while getting boned, you can tell she really enjoys it. We won’t do this every week, but in the name of mixing things up, here’s another LBFM caught Stateside being naughty.

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