Brianna Bentley


With looks as good as hers, we’d be concerned if you didn’t break your necks just to catch a glimpse! At freshly 34 years old, Brianna Bentley brings us a breath of fresh air with a wild change of pace with some Cuban flare. Found, bagged and tagged right in the heart of Cali! That’s right! A genuine bonafide Fili/Ameri-Cuban girl! Cali-Fornification anyone? Huge smiles, lush thick in-shape hips, nice big tits with pierced nipples and a body covered in Americana tattoos – This girl is made to party. A self-proclaimed black sheep of the family, she says. With killer looks and statements like “If I could have dick and balls on my face all day, I would“… I guess we can believe it! So, take a look at what Brianna Bentley has to offer and get up close and personal to see why we think she could easily fit right in with the rest back in the Philippines! Maybe she’ll even have a trick or two to teach.
Age:  42
Height:  5'7"
Weight:  145 lbs
Eye Color:  Brown
Hair Color:  Black
Our Take:  Stacked stateside mixed mature mutt (er, slut) with carnal needs
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