Mature Asian American Got Body Built For Sex

(This model was 42 years old at the time of filming)

The Patrol

Change of pace patrol alert! That’s right, this mature Asian update comes from the other side of the World, in the land known as California. While they might not be as sweet & genuine as their Pinay Cougar sisters in the Philippines, the gold coast is swarming with Filipinas of all shapes & sizes.

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Our pal Carson is always on the lookout for them over there in the US. Thankfully, on this day he found quite a package. Meet Brianna, a 34 year old mostly-Filipina (with a bit of Cuban mixed in) living in Southern California. She was looking quite badass with her crazy big tits, colorful tattoos and cushy fat ass. She is certainly a Big Tits Filipina with meat in all the right places.

The Mature Asian Story

They don’t quite have the same wonder in their eyes here as they do in the PI, we get that, but it’s nice to mix things up once in awhile, so here she is. This horny liberated gal is somewhat the black sheep of her family. Perhaps it has something to do with all her piercings and body art. Then again, maybe it’s the fact that ‘if she could have dick & balls in her face all day, she would’. No, really. She says that. Anytime you hear a girl you just met utter such words you know you’re in for a wild ride. Seriously, who says that? What a freak!

The Finish

So here is a Trikepatrol update with a little bit of everything—even if it is in the wrong hemisphere. You’ve got something for mature Asian-lovers, tattoo-lovers, Asian Deepthroat lovers, tits & ass lovers and best of all, swallowing lovers. Yep, while giving us his signature of two separate cumshots in one video, Carson’s 2nd load ended up down Brianna’s throat and into her stomach with one gleeful gulp! I don’t know any of us who can’t appreciate that!
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