Candy Fernando


With a slender body, a very pretty face and a “dove” look about her, Candy Fernando is actually our very first named Candy. After 9 years of Trike Patrol, it took this long! Really! SHe’s got a sexy creaky voice (likely from long nights of fucking) and with the experience this girl exudes… Well, she’d likely easily pass as 40 in pussy years! Not that this is a bad thing. It can be great, actually! Take a girl like Candy Fernando here. She loves to party, get fucked every night she possibly can and takes damn good care of herself. This girl doesn’t even think twice about what to do with a cock whipped out at her. In fact, I don’t thinks he thinks about it at all! It’s hoover time and look mah, no hands! Hell, no limits, either. Packin’ a wildly skilled throat. So, take a look at the samples that we have of her below or join right now to get instant downloads-access with Trike Patrol Candy’s full video!
Age:  26
Height:  5'6"
Weight:  121 lbs
Eye Color:  Brown
Hair Color:  Black
Our Take:  Very hot sexually explicit showoff with mountains of experience
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