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If there’s one thing we’ve had a shortage of around here lately, it’s been big swinging Filipina tits. We were fully committed to putting a stop to that trend by finding some big bouncy hangers to get on here as soon as fucking possible. Thanks to those orders and Mr. X’s recent nighttime visit to one of the Capitol’s more famous mongering eatery places, we accomplished the very thing we set out to.

On this week’s episode, yes guys, back in the Philippines, X-man found a crazy wild Pinay with a pair of absolutely gorgeous knockers attached to her torso. You’ll see quickly from the start that this girl Amanda is bat-shit crazy, but that’s just how we like ‘em sometimes. After shooting some billiards and finishing their meal at the Eating Station, which includes great tit-shots galore, they depart for the hotel room where it’s almost all tits-in-your-face from the jump. Seriously, there’s almost nothing but tits on the camera.

Then you get a nice slippery teasing shower with Boobs McGhee writhing and undulating her hot bod all the while, followed by a feisty eye-contact blowjob and some shaved ‘n wet pussy mashing. All goes great with some doggy and cowgirl, but all that extra filming in the restaurant drained X’s battery just before Amanda’s pussy drained his cock. We admonished him to no end about that, believe me, but it all happened in the spur of the moment like you saw it, and hussies like her don’t hang around long after you’ve nutted. Cumshot or not, those fucking knockers were too glorious a set not to share here on Trike Patrol!

Amanda: Udder Insanity 4.40/5 - 10 votes